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Inspired by moto, rock n’ roll, and tattoo culture - URBAMERICAN provides badass content, apparel & accessories that allow you to express yourself however the hell you want. We believe you should dedicate yourself to a lifestyle without limitation; expressing yourself through the clothes you wear & the company you keep. Pursue a life of adventure and never stop living on the edge.



14 May

Quarantine Adventures

Quartine is the pits. While it’s important to stay safe and distant from others during this time, the walls in our office do start to feel like they are closing in on us at times. Does anyone else feel like that? So, we decided to take matters into our own hands with two simple words - road trip. 

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13 Apr

Not All Heroes Wear Caps: FREE Weed & TP

Manchester, UK based music producer and activist, OUTLAW, shows us all just how true this statement really is. During this quarantine, due to the Covid-19 crisis, this legendary hero is going door to door dropping off much needed supplies, toilet paper and weed.

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23 Mar

Going The Distance - An Online Music Fest!!

A record label that is putting on a FREE Online Music Festival TODAY, March 23rd at 1pm EST.  They have plenty of bands to play the day away and occupy everyone all from the comfort of their homes. 

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30 Jan

WTF? Ozzy Osbourne is being Knighted!?

A Black Sabbath fan has petitioned 3 times to get Ozzy Osborne knighted by the Queen of England herself. With nearly 20,000 signatures already submitted, it looks like the legend of metal may become a Sir before we know it!

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27 Aug

Help Save The Amazon

Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio’s dedication to our planet, he was the first to lend a helping hand by creating Earth Alliance, his new environmental foundation! If you are looking for a way to contribute and help save your planet, this is it! Every dollar helps.

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10 Jul

URB Adventures: Joshua Tree for the Weekend

We are taking you on a little inside scoop of our little stay-cation we took a couple weeks ago when we re-visit Joshua Tree. Check out some great shots we took while in the desert and get to know us a bit more!

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