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Urbamerican FoundersUrbamerican Apparel

Established in 2019, URBAMERICAN Apparel was started as a way to provide unique, edgy clothing that offered meaning and inspired confidence.

Influenced by tattoo & music culture - URBAMERICAN provides badass content, apparel & accessories for the nonconformists - the freethinkers - the rebels of society. We believe you should dedicate yourself to a lifestyle without limitation; expressing yourself through the clothes you wear, the life you live, & the company you keep.

What started as a side gig in a garage in LA is now a successfully growing small business that ships worldwide. Here, we stand by the belief that ‘custom is best’ - creating each order by hand to ensure we provide the highest quality products. Because everything we do is made to order, this ensures we have minimal waste, thus helping the planet in the process.

The goal of our brand is to bring like-minded people together & celebrate what it means to live life on the edge. It's our awesome customers who have made URBAMERICAN what it is
today and drive us to keep making clothes that help people show the world who they are.

Pursue a life of adventure and don't forget to say FUCK IT sometimes.


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