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Through custom design, exclusive graphics & quality production, URBAMERICAN creates a space for the risk-takers & the troublemakers to express themselves the way they should. By not giving a F*CK. We aim to bring purpose and meaning back to clothing - creating not just a brand but a lifestyle.

Inspired by moto, rock n’ roll, and tattoo culture - URBAMERICAN provides badass content, apparel & accessories that allow you to express yourself however the hell you want. We believe you should dedicate yourself to a lifestyle without limitation; expressing yourself through the clothes you wear & the company you keep. Pursue a life of adventure and never stop living on the edge.

Established in early 2019, URBAMERICAN is a LA based lifestyle brand built from the ground up. We began as a self-started project out of a small garage in Hollywood, CA - which has now grown globally - creating ever-growing ranges of men’s & women’s clothing & accessories. Our love for motorcycle, grunge & traditional tattoo culture have inspired us to create our stand alone designs and themes for every collection. At URBAMERICAN we stand by the belief that ‘custom is best’ - creating each order by hand to ensure we provide you with highest quality products and one of a kind graphics. However, URBAMERICAN is much more than a clothing brand. Our goal is to bring like-minded people together & celebrate what it means to live life on the edge. It’s these individuals - the badasses - who have made URBAMERICAN what it is today and drive us to keep making clothes that are made to be lived in.

Meet the Owners

The co-owners of URBAMERICAN, Nixie & Luca, began the development of the brand back in 2018. Prior to its creation, Luca worked as a graphic designer based in Brazil and Nixie was a copywriter based in LA. After coming to Los Angeles, Luca & Nixie met while working at the the same marketing company together, where they began to share their similar interests in clothing, art, music, etc. Having similar passions, the two began cultivating a brand that would offer premium quality & design without designer prices.  After months of dedication, creativity, passion and some good old fashion blood, sweat & tears - URBAMERICAN was launched at the beginning of 2019. Now a married dream team, the two work side by side to grow and manage the brand you see today.

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